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Lake Sevan. Armenia

Sevan is a high-altitude lake in Armenia, the largest in the Caucasus, as well as one of the largest highland freshwater lakes in the world. The lake is located at an altitude of 1900 meters. It covers an area of almost 1,300 square kilometers. The maximum depth of Sevan reaches 80 meters, the average – 26 meters. Length of the lake is 70 km, width – 55 km. The average temperature of the water in summer is + 18 ° -23 °, in winter the lake is partially covered with ice.

Thanks to two peninsulas, Artanish and Noratus, the lake is divided by a strait with length of five kilometers into two parts – Big Sevan and Small Sevan. Southern and eastern shores are broad and smooth, while northern and north-eastern – narrow and rocky. Waters of the river Hrazdan replenish the Lake Sevan. A special tunnel 48 kilometers long was built for this purpose. In addition, there are another 28 rivers that flow into the Lake Sevan. The largest of them are Gavaraget, Argichi, Martuni, Karchaghbyur, Masrik, Dzknaget.

They say that Sevan is adjacent to the sky, as it is located in a mountain bowl at an altitude of almost two kilometers above sea level. So it is always cool here. Thus, when there is a terrible heat above 30 degrees in the valley, the surroundings of the Lake Sevan have always pleasant temperature.

Azure-blue smooth surface of the water and stunning views of the surrounding mountain ranges – the main attraction of Armenia. But also, Sevan is a very important water resource of the country. Moreover, it is the only major guaranteed source of fresh water in Armenia and the largest in the whole Caucasus.

The lake is surrounded by numerous mineral springs, picturesque landscapes and cultural monuments. In 1978, territory of the basin where the lake is located, received a rank of the national park “Sevan”. It has some valuable reserves (4) and sanctuaries (10). The park covers an area of more than a thousand kilometers. It is famous for its huge number of plants and several hundred species of animals. The park territory is divided into several zones, such as reserve zone or recreation areas where you can perfectly spend your time. You can make the ascent on the volcano Adzhaak, the highest point of the Gegham Ridge and admire the unforgettable views of the Armenian highlands. You will appreciate it when you see the sparkling Lake Sevan from above, as well as the top of Aragats – the highest mountain in Armenia, and whitening peaks of the renowned Ararat.

All this attracts crowds of tourists. The coast of Sevan is replete with a variety of hotels, lodges, camp sites and recreation areas. You can easily choose something for yourself, because there are both low cost options, with the minimum conditions of comfort, and luxury. Here you will find specially equipped beaches, playgrounds for volleyball, swimming pools; you can rent equipment for active leisure and fishing, taste incredible Armenian cuisine and all the other things without which it is impossible to imagine a perfect resort.

Lake Sevan. Armenia

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Sevan. Armenia


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