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Lake Tekapo. New Zealand

Lake Tekapo is an amazingly beautiful lake, known thanks to the beautiful bright natural surrounding landscapes. It is located in the district of Mackenzie, in the South Island of New Zealand. This lake is the second largest of the three parallel lakes occupying the territory from north to south along the Mackenzie Basin. Its area is 87 square kilometers, and it is located at an altitude of seven hundred meters above sea level. The length of Lake Tekapo is twenty-seven kilometers. At its widest point the width of Tekapo is six kilometers, although on average the lake is about three kilometers wide. The average depth of the lake is 69 m, and about 120 m is a maximum point.

Fairy carpet, created by the colorful lupines that bloom from November to December, makes the lake incredible! Church of the Good Shepherd, located on one of its shores, gives this place a very special sacred charm. This lovely church was built in 1935 and is one of the most beloved places among the tourists in New Zealand. Splendor of the snow-capped mountains and turquoise-blue water of the lake – all this attracts a lot of tourists and photographers from around the world. The color of water is explained by the fact that Lake Tekapo is replenished by melt water of the glaciers, and it itself is a lake of glacial origin. This gives it a nice shade of blue. The Rivers Godley and Macauley flow into the Tekapo in the northern part, in the west – the Rivers Mistake and Cass.

Inimitable flowers surrounding Lake Tekapo are exotic plants. Here are white, yellow, purple, blue, pink, orange flowers, and even with a combination of two colors. Russell Lupin (Lupinus polyphyllus) grows up to 1.5 meters. The name «Lupus» can be translated from Latin as “wolf”. It is not known exactly why it was called so, there is a belief that lupine was used before for preparing a special means for turning into a wolf. But a more realistic version explains that it is a very resistant plant that can survive in any type of soil and weather conditions. Thus, bright flowering of lupines makes the landscape around the lake incredible since 1950, when Connie Scott has planted the flowers at the peak of Godley – seed was scattered along the sides of the main highway.

The name of the lake has a Maori origin. It is believed that its correct name sounds like Takapo instead of Tekapo. “Taka” is translated from the Maori language as “mat for sleeping” and «po» – “night”. Come to the Lake Tekapo and enjoy the natural beauty, it is worth it!



Lake-Tekapo NZ



Lake Tekapo, New Zealand





  • Edna

    H there! I’ve always dream to go there in Lake Tekapo but I don’t know when it will be happen? I’m so amazed every time looking of it,especially the church and ofcourse the amazing view,fantastic! May I know please up to when the lupines flowers bloom?thank you!

  • Nancy Rose

    These photos are gorgeous! I sure would love to be one of the many photographers who visit this place! It is now on my dream list of places I would like to go, especially when the lupins are in bloom.

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