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Lena Pillars. Russia

Lena Pillars – is a chain of steep rocks located along the right bank of the Lena River in Khangalassky region of Yakutia, Russia. The length of the cliffs is more than forty kilometers. Height of the cliffs ranges from 40 to 100 meters. They are part of a system of protected areas as the National Park (the Lena Pillars National Park). National Nature Reserve Lena Pillars was founded in 1995. In 2012 it was included into the World Heritage List.

The proximity of the river makes the pillars even more beautiful; serving as a mirror, it makes them twice as large and majestic. At sunrise view of the pillars is especially amazing! However, it wasn’t always possible to enjoy this beauty close. Since ancient times, the Evenks and the Yakuts considered this place as sacred. Ordinary people couldn’t approach the rocks, and they were afraid of this, because believed that the anger of the cliffs spirits would punish them. It was also believed that these pillars actually were frozen statues of people created by the unknown otherworldly powers. So, only the elders and omnipotent shamans had the right to approach these mysterious rocks.

The Lena Pillars Nature Park is divided into two parts: the pillars and the area Tukuklan, which name can be translated from the Evenk language as “sands”. Therefore, it is not only rocks, but also picturesque forests. The total area of the reserve covers an area of nearly 500 thousand hectares. The cliffs are Early Paleozoic sedimentary rocks; the age of limestones is at least 530-570 million years. The Lena Pillars as the landforms were formed about 400 thousand years ago. Scientists consider this place the “cradle of human civilization.” Archaeological researches indicate that the first person appeared in these places, exactly along the Lena River. Many facts prove this theory, including ancient tools that were found at the mouth of the creek Deering Yuryakh belong to the oldest on the planet. In addition, numerous petroglyphs were found on the cliffs along the river banks of the Lena and the Blue – rock carvings made by yellow mineral paint. The Lena Pillars is a true treasure trove for science. The discovered organisms form a fossil Sinskaya ecosystem.

Red sandstone of the majestic cliffs partially is overgrown with forest. Cliffs of light gray limestone hang over the water, and the layers of quartzite glimmer in the sun. The natural beauty of the surrounding landscape affects everyone! The Lena Pillars has become a popular holiday destination of tourists and residents of Yakutsk. You can examine the grand panorama of the bizarre rocky cliffs for a long time – they are like the fabulous medieval castles, images of people and animals, which seem will move right now.

The Lena Pillars. Russia

Lena Pillars1

Lena Pillars. Russia


Lena Pillars. Siberia

The Lena Pillars

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