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Longleat Hedge Maze. UK

This unique place is known as the estate Longleat. It is located near the village of Horningsham in the United Kingdom of Great Britain. It was built in 1570 by architect Robert Smithson. But tourists come here not for the luxurious facade of the house with huge windows of the Renaissance period. The estate is famous for its wonderful green park – Longleat Hedge Maze. It is recognized as the longest maze in the world.

This maze from the yew bushes was founded in 1975 on the basis of the project of landscape artist-designer Greg Bright. But in fact, the history of this place began even earlier. Initially, it was the usual green park, but thanks to the efforts of Lancelot Brown (an English landscape architect known as “the last of the great English 18th century artists to be accorded his due”) turned the park into a labyrinth of trimmed bushes. And later, it was transformed into its modern look.

This real live labyrinth consists of about sixteen thousand trees. Its area covers 0.6 hectares (6 thousand square meters), and the total length of the passages amounts 2,700 meters. Longleat Hedge Maze is distinguished by its unique three-dimensional structure. If you get lost, the maze is equipped with special bridges. You can climb up and look around, it is very convenient. The final purpose of your trip is in the heart of the Longleat Hedge Maze, and is represented by a tower that will show you the full extent of the green complex and the amazing surrounding landscape.

This is a man-made labyrinth and in order to maintain its well-groomed appearance and beauty, the gardeners, secured for this purpose by all sorts of devices, undercut the yew bushes properly and in time.

But it’s not the only attraction which you will find here. Longleat estate is also famous for its safari park where you can find a variety of African animals. It exists since 1966.








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