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Marble Cathedral. Patagonia

Buenos Aires is not only a city, but also a magnificent lake, which is located in the Patagonian Andes, on the border of Chile and Argentina. To be more exact, Lago Buenos Aires as it is known in Argentina, or Lago General Carrera as it is called in Chile. Both these names are internationally recognized.

This lake was formed due to the melting of the nearby glaciers. It has an area of 1850 km2. 970 km2 of the lake are located in the Chilean region of Aysen (Región de Aysén), and 880 km2 belong to the Argentine province of Santa Cruz (Provincia de Santa Cruz). Thus, it is the largest lake in Chile and the fourth largest lake in Argentina. It is located at an altitude of 217 m above sea level and is considered to be the deepest in South America. The maximum depth of the lake Buenos Aires is 586 meters. The lake Buenos Aires was discovered in 1880-1881 years thanks to the expedition of Carlos Maria Moyano.

Waters of the lake shimmer with shades of turquoise, emerald and aquamarine! It is famous for excellent fishing (the abundance of salmon and trout) and a good environment. It attracts many tourists. But its real fame was received thanks to the amazing marble caves “Las Cavernas de Marmol”, which are placed in the middle of the lake. This unusual geological formation consists of several islands, located off the shore of the lake. Locals call this place Marble Cathedral. It is also known as “Marble Cathedral” or “Marble Temple» (Catedral de Mármol), «Marble Chapel» (Capilla de Mármol) and “Marble Cave» (Caverna de Mármol).

Labyrinths of these caves were formed by the action of the waves over the past 6200 years. They consist of calcium carbonate for 94%. It is worth to note that the estimated weight of the marble of the caves is 5000 million tons!

Take a look at the pictures and realize what a fabulous place it is! This place is one of the most visited in Patagonia. Tourists come to the lake Buenos Aires to admire its unique marble caves and enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings. Amazing azure water is reflected in marble and this creates a real stunner! You can appreciate it and see with your own eyes, when the water level in the lake decreases. During this time you can take a trip by boat into the caves.



Marble Temple of the lake in Buenos Aires






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