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Miracle garden. Dubai

Dubai Miracle Garden – the largest floral park in the world. It is an unimaginable riot of colors of bright beautiful flowers surrounded by desert! This amazing park has more than 45 million flowers, 72 thousand square meters of total area and more than 4 kilometers of walkways. This is a real man-made oasis which exists because of a carefully designed system of drip irrigation using high-tech system of wastewater reuse.

This blooming kingdom was created by the best specialists of the USA and Europe, and the main work on designing of the park was carried out by Acar, the company which specializes on landscape design.

Originally, the park was located in Al Ain. Due to the extensive government program for improving the UAE desert landscape, it has been successfully transferred to Dubai and was solemnly opened on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2013. Since then, this is one of the most favorable places for the romantic rendezvous. In addition, it is often possible to see the film crew here, as there is no better place, if you need a floral texture for the movie.

This park won’t leave anyone indifferent! According to official data only during the period from 14 February to 18 May 2013, the garden was visited by about 700 thousand people. In the summer months the temperature “congeals” at the level of forty degrees Celsius, so the season for the visits is so short.

If you are planning to visit this wonderful country of flowers, stock up batteries for cameras and flash drives. Numerous flower compositions of the most incredible shapes will definitely blow your mind! Special plants that were brought here have never been growing on the territory of Emirates. At the opening of the park, it has 45 kinds of different flowers, but their number increases with each new season.

The main flowers of the garden are certainly petunias. Except them, you will find here calendula, marigold, coleus, lobelia, geraniums and many other plants. The palette of Miracle Garden in Dubai comprises 60 different colors and tones. Park changes its appearance periodically and complements it by different design compositions. There are lush flowerbeds, made in the bodies of old cars; houses, fully decorated with floral cover; arches in the form of floral hearts. There are seven pieces according to the number of emirates. You will be delighted by floral waterfalls, floral river, alley of colorful umbrellas, floral pyramids, floral clock, aromatic garden and much more. At the beginning of each season, the park administration strives to please visitors with new plants and sites.

Dubai Miracle Garden

garden of wonders, Dubai

Miracle garden, Dubai

garden, Dubai

Dubai Miracle Garden


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