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Monet’s Pond. Japan

When we plan a trip to some country, we try to get to the most famous and popular places, renowned, mentioned in all tourist guides, described in books, immortalized on canvases. But if you want some sort of uniqueness, or you have already visited all the places of the covers of magazines about tourism, I suggest you to pay attention to this sweet small corner of our planet.

There is such an amazing attraction in the Japanese mountains of Gifu Prefecture, which is worth seeing. It is an absolutely incredible pond with carps, which shimmers with bright colors, and is very reminiscent of the famous Monet’s painting “Water Lilies.” Everything here reminds masterpiece of the great French painter – transparent water, lilies, colorful small fish and even the bridge evoke Monet’s paintings. If you take a picture of the landscape from any angle, every shot would be a piece of art.

Thus it has got a nickname “Monet’s Pond“. Though in fact, the pond is so small that it has no official name, and is often called simply “Unnamed pond in Gifu”. But tourists easily find this place and admire its unreal scenery! When the weather is clear, the water in the pond is amazingly clean and limpid. In such days you can see the algae and other details of the underwater life. But, of course, fish looks the most spectacular – thanks to the tranquility and transparency of the pond, you might think that it is floating in the air. They say in autumn the colors are so saturated that the landscape is particularly wonderful, and turns into a vivid picture.

There are so many gorgeous places which easily will make you call them fabulous. Looking at the photos of Hidenobu Suzuki, would you add this living painting to the list?










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