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Morning Glory Pool. Yellowstone. USA

One of the most unusual lakes in the world is located in Yellowstone National Park. It has a very beautiful poetic name “Morning Glory Pool”. This hot spring is one of the main attractions of Yellowstone. Looking at it, you can unwittingly think about the reality of its existence – it is simply incredible!

The lake got such original name due to its unusual shape. In 1883, wife of the assistant manager of the Park Charles McGowan, Elizabeth McGowan, noticed the similarity of the lake with the flower of family convolvulaceae – Morning Glory – amazingly bright blue flower with intricately twisted shape like a gramophone. So, it was called “Morning Glory Pool”.

An interesting feature of the lake is that the colour of the water changes from time to time, like a chameleonThis is due to the behaviour of bacteria living in the lake, and depending on the weather and temperature. However, the water in it is crystal clear. It shimmers with all the colours of the rainbow – turquoise, purple and green with an orange rim around. The man wasn’t involved in this, it was created by nature itself! No current mechanisms can’t be compared with its force.

But in recent years, the lake has undergone some negative changes and it began to lose its bright turquoise hue of the water. Popular beliefs of numerous tourists, who throw coins into the water “for happiness”, stones “for good luck” and other debris deep into the lake, have polluted the pool. All these things have been eventually oxidized and decomposed. As a result, the mouth, through which the water is heated, became bunged. And when the water changes its composition and temperature, the bacteria begin to adapt to new conditions. New colonies of microorganisms begin to multiply in the water and its colour changes. Green shades are explained by the presence of fungi and algae, protozoa give orange color, cyanobacteria – yellow color, and moss produces brown one.

The lake water is mineralized, it seethes and boils. Sometimes it blows up like a geyser. The truth is it happens very rarely: only after some seismic activity nearby. Tourists always wait for a long time for such a sight. The lake is not suitable for bathing – the water temperature can reach 90 ° C at the depth, though at the surface it is slightly colder – only 60-65 ° C. The depth of the lake is more than 2 km.

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