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Moses Bridge. Netherlands

This bridge-trench is situated in the village of Halsteren, which is 1 kilometer north of Bergen op Zoom in the province of North Brabant. Such an unusual bridge, cutting the water surface, was designed by the architectural firm Ro & Ad Architects in Netherlands, by Ro Koster and Ad Kil. It is called Moses Bridge. You can trace the relationship with the biblical story of “Exodus” when the prophet Moses made the waters of the Red Sea to be parted.

The bridge was built in 2011, during the reconstruction of the fort of the XVII century Fort De Roovere. It was part of Western Brabant waterline in the defensive line in 1628, when some of the towns and villages were connected and strengthened by sandy and stone ramparts.

The architects wanted to design such a bridge that could provide a passageway for tourists and could be organically fitted into the local landscape without destroying the value of the defensive structure. They concluded, the bridge shouldn’t be visible and easily accessible to the enemy. Thus, the original idea of Moses Bridge was born. It is almost flush with the water, making it almost invisible when viewed from afar.

To implement their plans, the architects used a special material called Accoya®. It is a modified timber, acetylated in combination with innovative technologies of timber processing, as well as the red angelim (Dinizia excelsa). Such innovations can serve in water for about 50 years. Everything was well thought out. Additional shafts were constructed on both sides of the moat, so the rains couldn’t flood the bridge. They avert excess water, and the water level in the trench constantly remains unchanged.

People say it’s a very strange feeling and exciting sensation to pass through this amazing bridge. From a distance, you can see the heads floating on the water surface! Dutch Union of Architects awarded the “Moses Bridge” the title of “Best Building of 2011” for the unusual design and unique idea of this construction. Moreover, the authors were among the finalists of the contest Dutch Design Awards 2011 due to the genius project.

Moses Bridge


Moses Bridge. Netherlands

Moses Bridge1

Moses Bridge. Netherlands1

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