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Mount Augustus – world’s largest monolith

Often people are mistaken calling Uluru or Ayers Rock the largest on the planet. However, in fact, the largest rock in the world is Mount Augustus, which is also known as Burringurrah. It is situated in the Mount Augustus National Park, Western Australia.

Mount Augustus is not as famous as Uluru, but it is two and a half times larger and rightly bears the title of one of the most spectacular places in the world. The height of the largest monolith (monocline) amounts 858 m (1105 meters above sea level), with the length of more than 8 km. Augustus occupies an area of approximately 47.95 square kilometers.

Age of the rock totals 1.65 billion years. Augustus is a granite rock, topped with gray sandstone – the remains of the seabed. Age of the sandstone is 1 billion years. The age of the sandstone of Mount Uluru is estimated “only” in 400 million years.

Augustus is also a sacred site for the local Aboriginal people. Legend has it that the rock was named after a young man who tried to avoid the initiation ceremony. However, women of the tribe, finally caught up with the boy, struck his leg with a spear, and beat him to death with heavy batons. It is believed that allegedly, the shape of this rock is similar to the procumbent body of this young man – lying on his stomach and clutching his leg, with a sticking out piece of spear.




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