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Natural attraction Sliding Rock. USA

This picturesque water slide of natural origin is located in the Pisgah National Forest on Looking Glass Creek, near Brevard and Asheville, North Carolina, USA. This is an enormous and smooth rock upon which people slip down and dive into a natural pool. This slide has long been used as an attraction for lovers to cool in hot summer months.

In fact, it is a waterfall which has a gentle slope of about 60 feet long. The pool at the bottom has depth of about 6–8 feet. This entertainment is like a conveyor. People line up, patiently wait their turn, and ride down in the chilly water one-by-one! A breathtaking flight down the slope at an angle of 50-60 degrees, few seconds of swimming in the pool and you are on the beach! Then, rise to the top, get in line and it all starts over again like a cycle!

If you don’t want to participate in a crazy fun ride and get wet, you may watch the “show” from the several observation areas. If you are ready to enjoy the slide, be ready to pay 2$ to enter the recreation area. It is very clean here. You will find changing rooms and restrooms, which are open during the swimming season. But before you plop your rear end down the Sliding Rock you should familiarize yourself with a few rules. Even if it seems so cheerful, it is not absolutely safe entertainment.

So, here are some of them:

The pool is rather deep (about 8 feet), so you must know how to swim.

Children under 7 years of age are free to slide down, but in condition that they also can swim, and only with an adult (one adult per child).

Slide down only in a seated position.

It is advisable to wear jean shorts (the rock can tear your clothes from other material).

It is recommended to put on water shoes, since a path to the top is very slippery.

Any food, glass containers and use of alcoholic beverages are strongly prohibited.

Fishing is also prohibited (though it is just impossible).


Except the Sliding Rock you should definitely visit the other wonderful sights of interest of the surroundings – the roadside of Looking Glass Falls and Looking Glass Rock, Daniel Ridge Falls and Pink Beds. In general, this place is a best choice for active family vacation! There are so many friendly trails and amusing historic buildings!

Sliding Rock. USA

sliding rock

Natural attraction Sliding Rock. USA


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