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Navagio Bay. Zakynthos, Greece

Navagio Bay, the most beautiful bay in the world with crystal clear waters, and the eponymous beach are located in Greece, on the northwest coast of the Zakynthos Island. It is also known as “Smugglers Cove”.

The name of the bay can be translated from the Greek as “shipwreck”. In 1983 a smuggler ship Panagiotis, which was engaged in transporting cigarettes to Italy, crashed on this beach. When the perpetrators were detected, they quickly boarded a boat and left the ship, sinking it along with the goods. Once, during a great storm the ship was washed up on the shore of the bay. Now, this rusty ship is one of the local attractions. Local authorities decided not to remove the remains of the ship from the beach because of the irrepressible interest of tourists.

You can get here only by sea, and only in the daytime. There are special tourist boats for this purpose. This alluring white-sand beach is surrounded by impregnable limestone cliffs. Thus, the beach is poured by the sun just before noon, so you need to catch this moment and visit this place earlier. The boats depart daily in the morning and make the 1.5 hour stop in order to let everyone swim while enjoying the amazing atmosphere of this island. The snow-white cliffs also serve as protection from the winds, so it is very cozy here.

Furthermore, you will find many other great places of interest in the surroundings. For example, Blue Caves are located near Cape Skinari. Their name is associated with unreal blue waters that wash them. The sea has a stunning bright blue color due to the mineralized groundwater with high concentrations of the calcium compounds, these waters come out from under some of the places near the rocky shores.

The island of Zakynthos and especially Navagio Bay are the favorite places for tourists! Picturesque rocks, clear blue mineralized healing water and white sand won’t leave you without an unforgettable experience after visiting these places.





Zakynthos. Greece




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