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Oresund Bridge

One of the world’s most unusual bridges is Oresund Bridge-tunnel connecting the two countries, Sweden (Malmo) and Denmark (Copenhagen). This majestic bridge includes a double-track railway and a 4-lane highway through the Strait of Oresund. It is the longest combined road and railway bridge in Europe.

This unique structure has no analogues in the world. The construction was started in 1995 and completed 14 August 1999. It took five years of hard work and nearly 3 billion euros. The amount spent on the construction will pay off only in 2035. Moreover, in 2006 Sweden spent another 9.45 billion Swedish kronor for the city tunnel in Malmo. Its construction was completed in 2011. Today, to pass through the Oresund bridge-tunnel by car, you will have to pay 43 euros.

It was originally planned to build a bridge across the whole Strait. Due to the fact that the part of Denmark was an international airport, a too high bridge could cause a risk of collision with the supports. A too low construction could block the ship traffic in the Strait. Fully underwater construction would cost incredible amount of money. Therefore, it was decided to go for a compromise. Thus, the bridge was built until the middle of the Strait, from the side of Sweden where there was no airport, and from Denmark – underwater tunnel. The artificial island in the middle of the Strait connects the parts of such an unbelievable bridge. It is known as Peberholm or “Pepper Islet”.

The total length of the bridge is 7845 meters. Every 140 meters the supporting beam of the bridge rests on concrete supports. Construction of the bridge has a weight of 82,000 tons. The main span has a height of 57 meters. This allows most ships to pass underneath it without hindrance, although many of them prefer to move above the tunnel.

The border between Sweden and Denmark is on the bridge. There is a formal check at the station in Sweden.

In order not to torment you by the boring details of characteristics of the bridge, just enjoy images of this unique structure.

Oresund Bridge view


Oresund Bridge2


Oresund-bridge. Europe


Oresund. city

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