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Pamukkale thermal pools. Turkey

This unusual place is called Pamukkale. It is located in the province of Denizli in southwest Turkey. The word “Pamukkale” can be translated from Turkish as “cotton castle”. The waters of the thermal springs, rich in mineral salts, over the millennia of its existence, have formed the white limestone terraces.

Pamukkale comprises 17 geothermal sources, as well as ponds-terraces formed of travertine (limestone deposits). The water temperature ranges from 35 to 100°C.

From a distance, they look like huge flakes of cotton wool, icebergs, or stone steps rising upwards. Perhaps that is how the name is explained.

The snow-white terraces arose as a result of salt deposits from saturated calcium sources. The hot springs, rising out of the earth, dissolve the mineral salts contained in soil. Over the centuries, the water makes its way to the surface and spreads on the terrace. Evaporating, it leaves white crystals of mineral salts on the surface.

This place has been used as a resort area since ancient times. And nowadays, it is a popular tourist destination. Many people aspire to see this beauty with their own eyes. But in addition, mineral waters of Pamukkale have excellent healing properties. These unusual bathtubs successfully treat diseases of the musculoskeletal and cardiovascular systems. Here you can easily get rid of stress and fatigue. All your problems will seem unworthy of thinking about them.

Since era of ancient Rome, melt-water flows upon such amazing porcelain bowls and delight people. They say Cleopatra herself appreciated this place. It is believed that she used to swim in these mineral springs and the locals can even show you the pool of the Egyptian queen. The temperature of the water in it is +35 C.

You can walk on the travertines only barefoot. Special guards control this rule.  Swimming is prohibited, but many tourists, despite the ban, sink into travertines the depth of which doesn’t exceed 1 meter. You will have to pay 25 Turkish liras for the entrance to Pamukkale. Swimming is also not free – you can swim in the “pool of Cleopatra” for 32 liras.

The cotton castle is called the eighth wonder of the world. In 1988, Pamukkale and the ruins of Hierapolis were included into the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Pamukkale thermal pools. Turkey

Pamukkale thermal pools

Pamukkale - cascate pietrificate 3

thermal pools. Turkey

thermal pools

Pamukkale. Turkey


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