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Pink Sands Beach. Harbour Island, Bahamas

The Bahamas have always been associated with some sort of paradise on earth. One word “Bahamas” attracts us! Turquoise water, unforgettable views, beautiful nature, romantic sunsets and cozy beaches make Bahamas one of the most adorable places in the world. This romantic pale pink beach is located on the Harbour Island, Bahamas. It is called Pink Sand Beach, the locals call it “Briland”, although there is one more name – “the Nantucket of the Caribbean”. Forbes magazine called this beach “the most beautiful beach of the world.”

This unique beach attracts with its color tourists and celebrities from all around the world. This beach has received its glorified pink color thanks to foraminifera, single-celled organisms that live on the bottom of the reefs, under rocks and in caves of the coastal ocean floor. Their shell is painted in bright pink or red colors.

Moreover, coastal corals also have red color. After the storm or through the actions of coastal waves, shells of the foraminifera and particles of corals are broken into small granules and thrown on the shore. Small, crushed grains are mixed with sand and give it a peculiar pink shade.

Here are the most favorable conditions for the rest! Sand of the beach is dense and resilient, so it is comfortable to relax, sunbathe, or jog. Because of the coastal reefs, there are no sharp and harsh waves of the majestic Atlantic Ocean – the beach is washed very gently, so it is convenient and pleasant to swim here. The climate is always cool, even on hot days it is a pleasure to walk here, as there are a lot of palm trees. Visibility of water in the ocean extends to sixty meters; this makes it possible to consider the amazing underwater world, so it’s a perfect place for lovers of diving.

This beach is so popular that not only tourists come here, but the models find these landscapes suitable for magazine covers; walking around the island you can see the houses of Keith Richards, Robin Williams, Susan Sarandon.

Beach season lasts from September to May. Everything here is designed for relaxation! First-class hotels, amazing beautiful beaches, souvenir shops and boutiques with low prices.



Pink beaches of Harbour Island, Bahamas



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