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Porcelain House. Tianjin. China.

This extraordinary Porcelain House is an important, and even the main, attraction of the Chinese city of Tianjin. China house, the second name of the building, is a contemporary museum of pottery and antiques.

This historic mansion made in French style exists for more than a hundred years. At the end of the Qing Dynasty building was used as a central finance ministry. Later, after the proclamation of People’s Republic in 1949, it was transformed into a bank. Over time, the bank moved, and the house remained abandoned for a long time. The turning point in the life of a mansion has occurred in September 2002. 50-year-old businessman Zhang Lianzhi has purchased it for 1 million Yuan ($ 160,000).

The new owner wanted to decorate the house a little bit. Since then, a new life began for such an old construction. It took 5 years for finishing of the building. The fact is that all his life he collected antique porcelain. The fact is that all his life he collected antique porcelain. So, the businessman decided that his enormous collection should please not only the owner. So, he made an old mansion decorated with unique porcelain one of the most popular attractions of the city.

Thus, the innocent purchase of derelict building turned into an ambitious art project. Incredible Porcelain House opened its doors to visitors September 2, 2007 in the area of Heping, in Tianjin.

The collector says that the original idea to make such a fragile creation was like trying to build a house of his dreams from the toy bricks. However, all succeeded and this fantastic idea has brought its results. In the words of Zhang Lianzhi, it required only a rich imagination!

The building occupies 3,000 square meters. The entire surface of the house, both inside and outside, is covered with about 400 million pieces of ancient porcelain. The age of these products ranges from the Tang Dynasty (618-907 BC) to the period of the reign of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). Here you can see 3000 of antique vases, 5000 dishes and bowls and 500 copies of exquisite cats from the thinnest ceramic. Here are exhibits of white marble and placers of crystal and agate with a total weight of about 20 tons! Inside the house you can see the marble Buddha statues and figures of stone lions, represented equally in the amount of 300 pieces. The most impressive attraction of the house – four powerful dragons. Porcelain can be found everywhere – on the railing, doors and ceiling. Inside the building is decorated with antique tables, chairs and chests. Zhang Lianzhi was actively involved in the finishing work. It took $ 65 million for the owner to create such a porcelain miracle. Today China house is estimated at about 2 billion Yuan (315 million dollars). However, the collector is concerned only about the safety and integrity of the most valuable specimens of ancient porcelain.

Today the Porcelain House is opened to visitors as a museum. You can visit it any day of the week from 9:00 to 18:00. Admission: 35 Yuan ($ 6).

Porcelain House. Tianjin. China.

Porcelain House. China.

China House

Porcelain House 2

the Porcelain House 3

Porcelain House. Tianjin. China 1 Porcelain House

the Porcelain House

Inside the Porcelain House

the Porcelain House 4

the Porcelain House 5

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