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Prohodna Cave. Bulgaria

Prohodna Cave is one of the most famous caves in Bulgaria and in the world. Most often, it is called “The Eyes of God.” Let us consider it more closely and you’ll see why.

This natural wonder has been impressing people with its mystical aura for many years. Even having made a cursory glance at the photos, you can see the “eyes”, located in the middle chamber of the cave. These huge natural holes in the cave vault really resemble giant empty eye sockets. Locals call them differently: “The Eyes of God”, “Devil’s Eyes”. Framing of these symmetric through “windows”, the cave ceiling, is similar to a human face. So when it rains, they say that “tears” flow from the “eye corners”.

Literally the name of the cave means Thoroughfare Cave or Passage Cave. This karst cave is a natural rock bridge. It is located in 112 km from Sofia and 2 km from the village Karlukovo, Lovech Province (Iskar Gorge). Length of the cave is 262 meters. It has two entrances: Big, the height of its arch is 45 m; and Small – 35 m. These figures give the right to call the Prohodna Cave the highest cave in Bulgaria.

You can experience this incredible feeling as if the huge eyes are watching you from above – the cave is always open to visitors. You are free to attend it on your own, but it is recommended to take a guide. Inside the cave you will find a special trail for tourists, as well as sporting routes of varying difficulty. Fans of extreme sports have long chosen this place for their workouts – the relief of the Prohodna Cave is conducive to bungee jumping.

Of course, it can’t be compared with the largest cave in the world, although you can see from the photographs how spacious the Prohodna Cave is. There is really amazing atmosphere inside! However, if you are planning to come here in winter, you should be especially careful – the surface becomes very slippery, and the huge icicles hang from the vaults of the cave.

There are some other interesting places near this cave – Temnata Dupka, which is much longer than Prohodna, and the Petar Tranteev National Caving House, not very from the Big Entrance of “The Eyes of God”. The Prohodna Cave, along with these attractions, is included into the list of the hundred national Tourist Sites of Bulgaria.

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Cave Prohodna

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