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Queen’s Bath. Kauai, Hawaii

Nature is beautiful and amazing. So many unfathomable is hidden in it. And it is not always ready to accept the invasion of people into each of its corners. This case refers to such places where people consciously risk their lives and play with the forces of nature. Fans of extreme sports may say that it’s puerility, however, this place not for nothing was called a pool of death! Most natural pools are unsafe and inhospitable, but how beautiful they are! Just take a look at one of them!

Queen's Bath


This natural swimming pool is known as Queen’s Bath. It was formed in the rocks of lava on the shore of Princeville, Kauai Island, Hawaii. It is filled with crystal clear water and tropical fish. Basking here you may really feel like in the bath for royal personages! …and a bit like in an aquarium. You can find here such inhabitants of sea life as angelfish, Hawai’ian sea urchins, “ghost fish” and different kinds of tiny fish.

This place can be called one of the most favorite summertime attractions here in Princeville. Before you get to the pool, you enjoy a 10 minute walk nearby a waterfall. Then you’ll see rocky landscape of the lava rock. It will take 5 minutes more to get to the Queen’s Bath.




Everything here is delightful – landscape, crystal clear water, and even the air. However, what is the danger? Unfortunately, this beauty obscures a sober look at things, and deprives many people of caution. It’s all about the unexpected large waves! Many of the unfortunate victims of the vagaries of nature have been dumped into the ocean from the shore. On the way to the “royal” bath, you can see a stone slab, which, often unsuccessfully, warns about the danger. This body of water is particularly dangerous in winter, especially during the periods of high tides. Nevertheless, in summer months, during small surf, water in this pool is rather calm for swimming.

Queen's Bath2

Queen's Bath Kauai

This unique tide pool of course beckons travelers. So, if you are one of those who can’t resist the temptation, you should be prepared. And, accordingly, I want you to get acquainted with –

Some rules of behavior near the Queen’s Bath:

– before you go to the reservoir, be sure to check the weather forecast and the surf report. It is possible to swim in the Queen’s Bath when the waves reach the height of 4ft or less.

– the rocks between the pool and the ocean are not safe. Be especially careful there and don’t play in that area.

– the depth of the bath is very changeable, it fluctuates every single day. So, it is strongly recommended not to jump into the pool.

and one more – swim in the pool, not in the ocean.

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