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st petersburg

Reasons to visit St. Petersburg. Russia

 A rare man on the planet thinks of Russia as a boundless taiga with bears holding a bottle of vodka in each paw. It is a country with a turbulent centuries-old history and rich culture. Some architectural and historical-cultural monuments on the territory of the Russian Federation are included into the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites.

The second largest city in Russia, St. Petersburg, is the cultural center of the country, it is its real architectural pearl. In the city, located in the Neva delta, there are enough monuments of art and culture, nightclubs, restaurants with excellent cuisine and cultural routes, which beckon you to come back here again and again. This city has been recognized as the most popular tourist destination in Russia. St. Petersburg is a city where even the dilapidated mansions look charming. They say, Moscow is incredible, but having visited St. Petersburg people admit – it was nothing, and the northern capital surpasses by its magnificence! It is in 687 km or 396 miles from Moscow, nine hours by train, but this trip is worth such sacrifices.

st petersburg

st petersburg

 Along with Paris, Rome, and Venice, St. Petersburg is included into the UNESCO list as a city in which the entire historic center was taken under patronage. Here there are temples of 42 confessions, including an amazing mosque with a porcelain dome, the only Buddhist monastery in Europe and one of the most beautiful chapels of the Order of Malta.

White Nights

White Nights – time when the evening dawn converges with the morning one, and the twilight lasts all night. The official time of the white nights in St. Petersburg – from June 11 to July 2. In fact, this period is, of course, longer: earlier, until July 16, the street lighting is not even turned on, leaving the people of St. Petersburg alone with a natural twilight light. At twilight, as the mystics say, a gap opens between the worlds, so it’s chimeras’ time. In St. Petersburg they are the sphinxes and numerous lions.
St. Petersburg white nights

St. Petersburg white nights

The white nights and the drawbridges always “walk in pairs”. Many people, when they come here, consider the visit incomplete without seeing both. In order to fully enjoy this, you should come at 1.30 AM at the Palace Embankment or the Admiralty Embankment. At this time, in summer, the crowds of enthusiastic tourists gather here, and buses can’t get even close.

The twilight and the warm summer air create an unusual atmosphere. In the middle of the Neva, dozens of sightseeing boats line up to pass under the bridge just at the moment when its doors will rise. At such a solemn moment, street musicians and circus actors entertain the audience. Then you can go to the nightclub, and continue the amusement.

st petersburg

st petersburg

“City of Bridges”

St. Petersburg is often called Northern Venice, and truly, not in vain. 68 rivers, channels and ducts cross the city in different directions, forming 42 islands on its territory. Now in St. Petersburg and its suburbs there are 580 bridges, including 20 drawbridges.

drawbridges in St Petersburg

drawbridges in St Petersburg

St. Petersburg

World famous museums

The most prominent museum in Russia is the Hermitage. Sometimes the queue to the Hermitage is so long that people twist round the whole Palace Square. However, even a three-hour standing is worth it: one of the greatest art collections in the world is waiting for you inside!

The collection of the Hermitage has about three million exhibits of world culture, including world-famous paintings, graphic works, sculptures, works of decorative and applied art, archeological artifacts and numismatic heritage.


Hermitage inside

Hermitage St Petersburg

The three main tourist districts of St. Petersburg – the historical center, the Petrograd Side and the Vasilievsky Island.

The historical center is too large to go around it on foot for one, two or even three days. Therefore, most travelers prefer to be limited to the area from the Neva to the Nevsky Prospect. Here is a lion’s share of the main attractions: the State Hermitage Museum and the Palace Square, the State Russian Museum, the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood, the Field of Mars (or Marsovo Polye), Kazan Cathedral (or Kazanskiy Kafedralniy) and the Bronze Horseman monument.

Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood

the Palace Square

 the Field of Mars St Petersburg

The Petrograd Side is an island territory to the north of the historical center, formed by the Neva, the Little Neva and the Great Neva. The main island of this region is Petrogradsky, there are the Peter and Paul Fortress, St. Prince Vladimir Cathedral, the cabin of Peter the Great, the St. Petersburg Mosque, Military Historical Artillery Museum, the Zoo and the Botanical Garden.

Most of the territory of the three smaller islands is occupied by parks: Maritime Victory Park and Divo-Ostrov Amusement park on Krestovsky Island, the Central Park of Culture and Recreation named after S. Kirov on Yelagin Island, and the eponymous on Kamenny Island.

The Vasilievsky Island is the largest island in the delta of the Neva River. Here are the Rostral Columns, the Old Saint Petersburg Stock Exchange, the Kunstkammer (Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography), the Menshikov Palace and St. Petersburg University.

Rostral Columns

Rostral Columns

the St. Petersburg Mosque

Pay attention to the numerous palaces, it is especially recommended to visit the Catherine Palace, where the famous Amber Room (Yantarnaya Komnata) is located. The palace is situated 26 km south of St. Petersburg in the former Tsarskoye Selo. It is included into the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Peterhof is a capital of fountains, the Russian Versailles, and many more names and epithets of how it can be called. This ensemble of the palace (Petrodvorets) and the park is an obligatory point for visiting by tourists who come to St. Petersburg in summer, as fountains usually work from May to September.



Tourists are always amazed by the most outstandong festival in St. Petersburg, which is called Scarlet Sails. People love such a spectacle for the breathtaking fireworks, a special water show and numerous music concerts, which accompany all the action. Like in a popular fairy tale you will see a real ship, the frigate Shtandart, with bright red sails. Scarlet Sails

Scarlet Sails

Scarlet Sails st petesburg

This is a very romantic city where couples are walking along the numerous parks and beautiful avenues. It is a city of culture and art, where absolutely everything is imbued with this sublime sense of belonging to something spiritual, majestic. The kings lived here, and this is noticeable in every brick of the city; the outstanding writers and artists created their masterpieces here – the city is full of magnificence!

You can just wander along the streets, ride in a small boat on the river, or sit on the bridge and enjoy this atmosphere from any corner of St. Petersburg. It is impossible to list all the advantages of this city, all its sights, interesting places and noteworthy facts, but what exactly is clear at once – it is worth visiting!

st petersburg

st petersburg photo

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  • Oksana

    St. Petersburg is a magnificent city. You could feel the history is in the air. It is impossible to describe all amazing palaces and parks, and monuments, etc. in just one article. Although the author did a great job in creating an interest, desire to know more about this treasure chest of Russian history. I love St. Petersburg! Every time I go there it’s full of new surprising things. If you want to go to Hermitage and see everything in there it would take you 25 years to do that.
    I’d like to give a piece of advice for those who decides to go there. First go and see other cities you like in Russia. Then at last see St. Petersburg because after you see it all other cities fade.
    I can honestly say that St. Petersburg is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

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