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Red Beach Panjin. China

Panjin Red Beach is one of the most mysterious places on earth! This beach is located in Shuangtai Hekou Nature Reserve, on the river Liaohe, 30 kilometers south-west of the village of Panjin in Liaoning Province, China. It is colored blood red color each autumn and this attracts not only the Chinese people, but also tourists from around the world.

This is due to the specific seaweeds Sueda, which are spread across the banks of the River Liaohe. In the period of growth from April to May, these seaweeds are green and by September they die. During this period, they gradually become bright red. It is recommended to come here at this time to see this beautiful red carpet, which fills the surface of the river for kilometers. These unusual algae resemble knitted crochet lace. It seems that this is a huge red carpet of thin cobwebs.

In addition to these bizarre properties, these water plants have other advantages. Thus, the famous agar-agar is made from these seaweeds. It is added into the confectionery products (candy, marshmallow, jam, souffle), and moreover, it is rich in such trace elements as iodine, iron, calcium, as well as many other valuable substances and vitamins.

All this is a territory of the reserve. Its area is 600 thousands of hectares and it is strictly guarded. Beach is available for tourists only in some zones where from the bridges and specially-equipped observation decks you can watch the nature of these places. Near the beach there are various rest houses for tourists.

Birds make this place so unique and spectacular. It is home for 236 species of birds! More than 30 species are under state protection. Often you can see Japanese cranes here. So, it’s not surprising that here are so serious guards.

This fabulous place attracts people from all over the world and leaves no one indifferent.


Red bush seashore, Panjing, Liaoning Province, China - Nov 2014

Chinese beach






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