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Red Beach. Santorini, Greece

Due to its volcanic history, the island of Santorini boasts a variety of colored beaches. Within one day you can visit the beaches with completely different types and colors of sand – black, red or white. The most popular among them are two black beaches in the southeastern part of the island known as Perissa and Kamari. They are the widest and the longest beaches in this area, with lots of hotels.

But the most attractive is another one. Near the town of Akrotiri there is one of the most picturesque beaches in Santorini – Red Beach. In addition to the unusual color of the sand, even for the beaches of this kind, the Red Beach is distinguished by a very special landscape and extraordinary surrounding scenery. Charge your camera and take extra batteries – everything here is worth to be photographed! The contrast between the fiery red cliffs and turquoise water is simply stunning. In fact, the strong winds blow away the red dust from the rocks into the water. Thus, the beach is colored in red.

The water on the beaches of Santorini is always cool, even in the heat, because the sea is very deep close to the island. Moreover, it is often windy here, as well as on all the Greek islands. But it doesn’t bother tourists, and this place is always crowded. The beach is rather small and becomes filled very quickly.

The water here is crystal clear, so you will enjoy not only admiring of the surrounding beauty but also swimming in the sea. You won’t find large stores or restaurants, but just a couple of mobile cafes. But it can be considered as an advantage of this beach – it is cozy and quiet here.







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