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Red Lotus Lake. Thailand

The Sea of Red Lotuses or the Lake of Red Water Lilies is a unique in its beauty lake in the east of Thailand and a real miracle! Just imagine how it is unusual to sail on a boat through the thousands of gorgeous flowers from pale pink to bright red shades- what could be more beautiful and romantic.

Lotus – is a very special flower in Asia and in the East in general. The magnificent lotus flower since ancient times is the object of worship, and has always played an important role in religious rites, was mentioned in legends and traditions. It is immortalized in hundreds of monuments of architecture, literature and art. Here, in the province of Udon Thani, you can enjoy this fabulous beauty.

As soon as the world learned about the Thai lotus lake, it has become a popular attraction among travelers. You can rent a wooden boat from the local fishermen, because it’s the only way you can move through the lake. It is quite difficult, but you will be surely delighted by this unforgettable walk. Lotuses bloom for about four months – from December to late March. But if you decide to come here, the best time is from December to February. The winter season will reveal the lake to you in its best form and will give the most beautiful scenery. To catch all the beauty, you will need to wake up very early. The lotus buds open about 6 am and close as early as 9:00, in order not to get burned by the hot sun.

During the blossom of lotus flowers you can often meet the locals. They come here for fish, as well as to collect snails or get lotus stems for cooking. The northeast of Thailand is known for its original cuisine. This also applies to the lotus. It is not only one of the symbols of Buddhism, but also an excellent meal. Thais are adept at using the stems and the seeds of these flowers for cooking. If you are not a gourmet and you don’t fancy such a dish, you can enjoy the fragrant salads and tasty fish in the local eateries.

In addition to the splendor of pink flowers like flamingos, you can see the rarest birds on the territory of the reservoir. The fact is that the Lake of Red Water Lilies has become home to more than eighty species of birds, which include such endangered species as Red Heron, Gray Heron and Black Kite. Sometimes you may be lucky enough to see Brahminy Kite.

Lake of Red Water Lilies

the Lake of Water Lilies

The Sea of Red Lotuses

the Lake of Red Water Lilies

the Lake of Lilies

Sea of Red Lotuses



    • Sophia

      Hello, Anjali! The beautiful lotuses on the Sea of Red Lotuses bloom all the year round, but during the winter months, from December to February, you can see the peak of their blossom. So it’s the best time I think.

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