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Reed Flute Cave. China

An amazingly beautiful cave, a vivid example of the geological wonders of nature, is located in the depths of China’s land, in the district of Guilin, seven kilometers from the city center, on the southern slope of the mountain Guanminshan. It is called Reed Flute Cave. And of course, such an unusual name has its own history. According to a legend, a peasant was looking for material for a musical instrument – a flute. He wandered in the thickets of reeds and stumbled upon the cave entrance. Indeed, there is really enough such “material” growing here, which was used by the local residents to create the melodious flutes for many years.

This unique cave is the largest karst cave in China. Historians and geologists claim that it was a well-known and very popular tourist attraction 1200 years ago. Its age is about 180 million years. In confirmation of this, you can find more than 70 inscriptions inside the cave which are dated back as far as 792 AD – time of the Tang Dynasty. A group of emigrants have rediscovered the cave in the 1940s and it has gained its popularity again.

The Chinese are enthusiastic about the attraction of tourists. Lots of beautiful halls, incredible forms of stalactites and stalagmites, limestone formations, fantastic underground lake – it all take about half a kilometer. The depth of the cave is about 240 meters. The whole cave sparkles with a fairy play of artificial light – yellow, red, purple, azure, emerald. A colored garland of 240 meters in length is mounted on the walls of the Reed Flute Cave. Almost motionless lake gives volume to the surrounding scenery. All these strange shapes on the walls and intertwining stone statues are reflected in surface of the water like in the mirror. This turns the cave halls into the impressive fantastic world!

You can watch a quantity of strange stones, and see interesting figures. They say there is a stone that resembles a mother with a child, the other stone is similar to a carp, diving into the water. There are figures of other frozen people, vegetables and fruits. One of the stone pillars is a magical staff of the king of the Dragons, with the help of which he keeps calmness in the sea.

A special guided tour will help you to see all the beautiful places of this underworld. The guide will interest you with funny stories and legends about the cave. You can also relax from the walks in a park with small benches and cozy gazebos. At the entrance you can buy a reed flute in memory of this wonderful place. You are also allowed to take pictures, or buy professional photographs.

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Reed flute cave

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