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Regent’s Park, London. UK

Regent’s Park is a classic Royal Park of London. This is a unique combination of architecture, magnificent scenery and rare surrounding vegetation. There are alleys, gorgeous flower beds, trimmed bushes, stately old trees, a very beautiful lake and pond. It covers an area of 166 hectares on the border between Westminster (south) and Camden (north).

This park has quite a rich history. I will omit the details, and say that in 1812, the park was designed by architect John Nash as a place for amusements of the Prince Regent family (George IV). So, originally, it was conceived as an area for the construction of 40 isolated villas, as well as the palace for the Prince Regent. However, it wasn’t completed; just eight villas were built, while only three of them survived until our days. In addition, John Nash designed not only the park, but also the streets and terraced houses in the neighboring streets.

Since 1838 the park was opened to the public. Everyone will find entertainment here for the soul – outdoor sports grounds, tennis courts, restaurants and cafes, various statues and fountains. Families with children will enjoy large variety of playgrounds. You can rent a boat or bicycle, take unique photographs of local living creatures and spectacular landscapes, or just go out for a jog.

In the northern side of the park you will find a small but very interesting London Zoo. It is also suitable for rest with children. It is the oldest zoo in the world, which was opened in 1828. It has It has more than 16 thousand animals of 755 species.

Regent’s Park has rich fauna – more than a hundred species of wild birds, bats, gray squirrels, hedgehogs, foxes and other wildlife.

The unique flavor of more than 30 thousand roses spreads in the air of the most beautiful place in London. Known throughout the world Queen Mary’s Garden is located in the Regent’s Park. It was founded in the 1930’s and dedicated to the wife of the reigning king of that time. This is truly a gem of the garden art with a magnificent rosarium. The Rose Garden is composed of more than a hundred of flower beds, consisting of several thousand shrubs of various kinds and colors (more than 12,000 roses of 400 varieties).

There is also an Open Air Theater in the Regent Park. In summer, performances and music concerts are held here. They say the actress Vivien Leigh played in it.

The London Central Mosque is situated nearby. It is well known as Regent’s Park mosque. From a distance it looks like a water tower because of the domed shape. That is why you can see Muslims holding a Koran on the streets of Regent’s Park.

To the west of the flower beds there is a picturesque pond with a variety of water birds. Here is a small wooden bridge, which will help you to get the island, decorated in oriental style waterfalls and lights. You will definitely admire atmosphere of the typical Japanese garden.

Regent’s Park

Regent’s Park-London

Regent’s Park. London.flowers

Regent’s Park-roses

Regent’s Park-roses1

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Regent’s Park3

Regent’s Park-pond

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