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Salar de Uyuni. Bolivia

Do you want to take a walk through the sky? Come to Bolivia!

Lake Salar de Uyuni is one of the most interesting lakes in Bolivia and the largest salt lake in the world. Its area is 10,588 square kilometers and it is located in the south of the desert plain the Altiplano, near the city Uyuni on the territory of departments of Oruro and Potosi. The inner part of the lake is covered with a layer of salt with thickness of 2-8 meters. This is a whole desert of salt at an altitude of 3650 m above sea level. During the rainy season, it is covered with a thin layer of water and turns into the world’s largest mirror.

The lake is a source of such minerals like halite and gypsum. Salar de Uyuni is a stock of 10 billion tons of salt. It serves as the main transport route in Altiplano because of its flat surface.


salt-boliviaHere you will immerse yourself in an atmosphere of incredible landscapes with salt desert, with active volcanoes, islands of cacti and geysers.

The development of tourism has contributed to the Salar de Uyuni salt of construction of hotel units that are rented out for the night. Here you will find souvenirs made of salt, as well as bed-couches and tables. Yes, everything is literally just made of salt. The night in such a salt hotel costs about $ 20.

Each November three types of South American flamingos, Chilean flamingo, Andean flamingo and James’ flamingo, come here for reproduction.



This unique salt lake is beneficial even for astronautics thanks to the large size, flat surface and high albedo with a thin layer of water, the minimum height deviation, clear sky and dry air. All this makes the lake most suitable tool for testing and calibration of devices of remote sensing satellites in the orbit. Even the World Ocean surface doesn’t give such accurate measurements as the lake of Uyuni.




There is also an unusual attraction like Cemetery of locomotives. Tens and hundreds of rusted trains are left just the middle of the hot desert near the Uyuni City. It was quite a profitable station, but when the local mines were exhausted, it became bankrupt and all the equipment was left here. There is something inexplicable attracting in these trains, though the tourists are rare guests here.



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