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Saliara beach. Greece

Thassos is an island in the northern Aegean Sea, located opposite the coast of Eastern Macedonia. This is an amazing place and it is great for recreation – green hills, white sandy beaches, small waterfalls in a wooded depths, marble cliffs and crystal clear sea. All this fascinates. Due to the rich vegetation of the island, Thassos is called the greenest island of the Aegean Sea. There are olive trees, pines, cedars, spruces, lindens, dogwood. The lovers of nature, silence and antiquity prefer to rest here.

Marble Beach – is the highlight of these places! It is called Saliara beach and it is one of the most beautiful and unusual beaches of the Greek island of Thassos. The beach is located on the east coast of the island, near the stone quarry for the extraction of marble. Name is explained by the fact that the surface of the beach is completely covered with marble chips instead of the usual sand or pebbles. It is extraordinarily beautiful! Marble chips are absolutely white, and the beach is literally sparkles in the glow of the bright Greek sun. The unique color of Saliara contrasts with the bright turquoise sea, which makes these seascapes really amazing. They can’t be compared with any other.

Saliara is never crowded, even though the entrance is free and the beach is teeming with all the amenities for relaxation! There is a toilet, changing rooms, comfortable sunbeds, sun umbrellas and a small café with soft drinks and snacks. To use the sunbed, you just need to buy something from the bar. Marble beach is a forty-minute walk from the nearest hotel. Hence, there is another advantage of the beach – isolation.

This marvelous place looks like a paradise on earth; however, it wasn’t created by nature. When at the initial stage of production, all the small chips of marble were taken from the quarry nearby, they were dumped in one place. But during a heavy storm, the wind dispelled the marble along the coast and created such a unique beach. Since then it has become a favorite destination for family vacations.

Don’t worry that the marble remained sharp, all the pieces have been carefully polished by sea, they are smooth and very pleasant to the touch. Due to the marble, water on the beach is crystal clear, simply transparent, blending smoothly into the unbelievable turquoise color.



marble beach

Saliara beach. Greece1

Saliara beach

greece beach

Saliara beach. Greece

Thasos Island

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