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Seven Sisters Waterfall. Norway

One of the most beautiful places in the world is located in the region of Sunnmøre in western Norway. It is called Geiranger, Geirangerfjorden. The fjord is situated 200 kilometers north-east from Bergen, and 280 kilometers northwest from Oslo. It is an offshoot of the Storfjorden (Great Fjord), which stretches for 15 kilometers. In July 2005, the fjord was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The main attraction of these places is a cascade of waterfalls. It is called – Seven Sisters (Syv Søstre) – seven streams flowing into the fjord from a height of 250 meters. It is the largest waterfall in Geirangerfjord. On the opposite side of the fjord there is another waterfall called the Suitor (also known as Friaren), and not far from it – Bridal Veil (Brudesløret).

The whole Norway is impregnated with legends, and as usual, these waterfalls are also related to the ancient Scandinavian story. It says about the seven beautiful sisters. One day, a brave warrior Viking came to woo them. Girls proposed the young man to choose any sister he wanted and bring the bridal veil to her the next day. The groom purchased the bridal veil and went for the chosen one. However, at the last moment he stopped, not knowing what girl to choose, so beautiful they all were. So he remained at this place forever.

In May-June, the waterfalls are especially beautiful – the snow begins to melt on the rocks and streams become full-flowing. In winter, the waterfalls attract climbers, fans of extreme sports. The water freezes and turns into one of the trails for lifting – the best place for those who prefer to overcome the rocks not over the stones but the glaciers.

This natural beauty won’t leave you indifferent! You can reach the neighborhoods of the Geirangerfjord by plane, bus, car or boat. You can also travel by road from Oslo by bus – it will take about 10 hours.

Seven Sisters Waterfall. Norway


Seven Sisters Waterfall

7sesters waterfall


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