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Shell Beach. Saint Barts

This marvelous place is called Shell Beach. It is located in the Caribbean, on the island of St. Bartholomew near the small town of Gustavia (about 10 minutes of walk from the centre).

It is interesting in that it is composed entirely of shells of all kinds of white and pink shades. There are so many shells, so you can’t see anything else on the shore. Most of the beaches in the world are mainly composed of fine rock particles such as sand, gravel, pebbles, crushed stone and only in rare cases, the beach is full of shells. This amazing beach stretches for about 800 meters.

Tons of beautiful white shells decorate the shore. Fast and strong sea currents and frequent hurricanes bring to shore. It’s hard to walk barefoot on the beach because of the sharp edges of shells, but it doesn’t upset the tourists. Especially kids are delighted – so many souvenirs under our feet! Many parents use this opportunity – children collect the seashells so enthusiastically that they will not even go to swim into the sea.

Come and you won’t regret – the magnificent scenery of untouched nature will impress you. Fabulous thick jungle, many natural sources of healing water and gentle Caribbean sun attract tourists. Snow-white sailboats, as a part of picture of the best marine painter, often come close to the beach.

The entire island of St. Bartholomew stands out for its hospitality. No wonder it is considered to be the Pearl of the Caribbean. It has about 12 hotels and one of them is the five-star.

Shell Beach. Feel the planet

Shell Beach. St Barts island

Shell Beach. the white shells

Beach of Shells

Shell Beach. pink

St Barts

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