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Sherwood forest. England

Speaking of Sherwood Forest, the first association that comes to our mind is of course Robin Hood. It is not known for certain whether such a man lived in reality, its prototype, or it is just a fiction, legend and a fairy tale. However, the shelter as itself and, kind of “headquarters” roughly speaking, definitely exists.

Nowadays, famous Sherwood Forest is a National Nature Reserve, located in surroundings of Clipstone, Nottinghamshire, England. This huge natural and really unique medieval park, one of the oldest in Europe, was opened in 1963. Its area covers 423 hectares, taking into account the modern infrastructure, which caters up to half a million tourists each year. But not only inquisitive tourists come to Sherwood Forest, but also locals from all the suburbs of England want to feel the atmosphere of the legendary events, beautiful and romantic legends.

You will be offered to make a wonderful trip, as well as to visit the extensive program of activities related to the legends of Robin Hood – jousting tournaments, concerts of songs-ballads and sometimes theatrical performances. You can not only watch all this, but even to participate and become medieval characters!

The park includes more than 900 huge magnificent oak trees whose age is more than 500 years! They are the oldest trees in Europe. The pride of the park is the Major Oak, on which brave Robin Hood was planning his actions against repression of Sheriff of Nottingham. This oak is considered to be one of the most important natural wonders in the Midlands. Its age is almost 1000 years! Such an important attraction has induced a local company to grow its clones using cuttings taken from the tree. Wealthy visitors can afford an original gift and buy such a seedling for a modest fee.

You can get here from London for about 2-3 hours on a high-speed train. In addition, there is a specially allocated railway line «Robin Hood Line» from Nottingham.


Sherwood forest


Major Oak



Robin Hood and Little John

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