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Shibazakura. Hitsujiyama Park. Japan

This pink magnificence is called Shibazakura. It is an incredible spring garden, located in Hitsujiyama Park near the town of Chichibu (Saitama, Japan).

In fact, this is a hill with area of nearly 17,600 square meters. Every year, from early April to May, it turns into a huge picturesque and fragrant floral carpet, because of the flowering Phlox, as well as about 1,000 cherry trees. So, it is also known as Moss Pink or Mos phlox. The word “Shibazakura” can be translated from Japanese as “lawn cherry blossoms”. These beautiful pink and white colored flowers really stretch out like a lawn.

The World knows it as Misato moss phlox Park, or Misato Shibazakura Park. Beautiful Misato moss phlox Festival is held seasonally in this park. Here, on the hillside Hitsujiyama, at the foot of Mount Buko, you will see 400,000 Shibazakura plants of eight species, Yoshino cherry trees, weeping cherry trees, and cherry trees with double petals. Flowering each year, they are colorful harbinger of spring.

So, plan your trip in advance. After all, the best way to enjoy this flowering is to stroll through the Japanese park during the festival. It is an amazing sight, where designers and florists alternate pink and white flowers, forming the original forms and shapes. You can visit the park from 8:00am to 5:00pm. The admission fee is JPY 300. You can also buy a piece of this beauty at the entrance to the park in the form of seedlings.

Purple, pink and white riot of colors harmoniously looks at the background of the surrounding greenery. Thousands of bright fragrant blossoms on the background of Buko Mountain, lush cherry blossom, cozy alcoves, benches and paths – all this gives a lasting impression!

The distinctive atmosphere of Japanese gardens is present in every meter of the park. After all, the Japanese garden – is primarily a philosophy, ideology and worldview. The main components of such gardens are sand, gravel, dwarf plants, meandering streams, stones. Japanese Garden is characterized by the atmosphere of mystery – the foundation of the park design. Here you can not only enjoy the surrounding scenery, but also think about life, the universe, our role in this world.

Shibazakura 4

Shibazakura 2


Shibazakura hill

Hitsujiama Park

Hitsujiama Park3


Shibazakura flowers

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