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Silfra. Iceland

There is an extremely interesting place on the territory of the National Park “Thingvellir” in Iceland. It is a place where two tectonic plates diverge – the Eurasian and North American. This place is known as Silfra. And if you are fond of diving, remember this name! This amazing place is a real paradise for divers and just lovers of adventures.

The name “Thingvellir” (Þingvellir) can be translated from the Icelandic language as the “parliament on the plains.” The fact is that in the year of 930, the first Icelandic Parliament gathered for the first time exactly on this area. Þingvellir is a valley in the southwestern part of Iceland, near the peninsula of Reykjanes. Hence is the name of the national park. Its area covers 237 square kilometers. It is surrounded by active volcanic area. Volcano Hengill is situated here, on the southern shore of the Lake Þingvallavatn.

Silfra is one of two places in the world where you can experience firsthand the movement of the lithospheric plates. Rift of the Earth crust is increasing all the time. Scientists have calculated that America and Europe drifting apart by 7 millimeters per year. The desire to dive into the crystal clear water will conquer you! It’s very clean, cold water, which is also drinkable! Its visibility reaches up to 300 meters. However, it is forbidden to dive to a depth of over 30 meters and swim in the underwater caves. There are dangerous places and valleys with depth of 60 meters in some places of the collision of plates.

This popular place attracts over 300 thousand tourists annually! That’s more than the entire population of Iceland today. Almost 70% of foreign visitors to the island visit the “Thingvellir”. And for good reason. Because sailing between the North American and European plate will give an incredible feeling! National park “Thingvellir” is a unique in its natural architecture and historical significance territory. In 2004, it was included into the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

You can also enjoy the geothermal terrain having visited hot springs and geysers – Strokkur and Geysir. Next, it is worthwhile to see one of the main attractions in Iceland – Gullfoss Waterfall. You can order a variety of tours of Golden Circle, anything like snorkeling, or come here yourself, in any case, you will be satisfied.

Silfra. Iceland1


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Silfra. Iceland



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