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Sørvágsvatn Lake. Denmark

The largest lake of Faroe Islands is called Sørvágsvatn Lake or sometimes Leitisvatn. It is located on the island of Vágar, the largest peninsula of the archipelago, between the municipalities of Sørvágs Kommuna and Miðvágs kommuna, Denmark. The lake has an area of three and a half square kilometers and a length of 6 km.

The Sørvágsvatn Lake has two names due to the fact that nearby the lake there are two settlements, which compete with each other for the right to call their picturesque place on their own way. Midvags village call the lake Leitisvatn because the lands near the lake are called Leity. The people of the village Sørvágsvatn want the pond to be named after their town, as it was built much earlier than Midvags. The Faroese people, who are bored with disputes over the name, call it just “Lake” (Vatni). But however, the name Sørvágsvatn has historically gained a foothold here.

This lake is remarkable because of the unusual location – it looks hanging over the ocean. Lying in a rather deep cavity, the water surface is placed very close to the ocean. Headlands the lake are elevated for 250 meters from the left and 376 meters from the right side creating such a strange optical illusion about the difference of the heights for a hundred meters. It is an amazing and so exciting landscape, though the vertical drop is only 30 meters.

Here you will find the Bosdalafossur Waterfall, the water of which flows into the ocean by the steep cliffs. This is where the lake water is connected with the ocean, but this place is rather difficult to see.

Since the Second World War, here is a small airfield not far from the lake and a station for seaplanes. All of this was built by the army of Great Britain. This aerodrome exists for the present day, but not as a military object anymore. It is used for sightseeing flights, so tourists can enjoy all the beauty of these wonderful landscapes, as well as small white houses with red-tiled roofs of the friendly local population and lush green nature around.


Lake Sørvágsvatn. Denmark

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lake Sørvágsvatn

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