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Stone spheres. Costa Rica

Stone Spheres or The Balls are found all over the world, from the Franz Josef Land to New Zealand. They can be found in Central American countries, USA, Romania, Russia, Kazakhstan, Brazil, China and Israel. The greatest number of these round stones is located in Costa Rica – about 300. The majority of stones has age of about 12 thousand years. The diameter of the balls is up to 7 feet and the weight of some of them reaches 16 tons. The material is a magmatic rock – granodiorite, which resembles granite due to the properties.

For the first time, these mysterious balls were discovered in the 1930s. United Fruit Company workers were cleaning the area for banana plantations and were delighted when found the balls in the delta of Terraba near the towns Palmar Sur and Palmar Norte. According to the local legends there should be gold inside the stone. The workers began drilling them and splitting into pieces, until the local authorities intervened and stopped the vandalism. Nevertheless, many balls were stolen, destroyed or blown up, and only 6 spheres were left lying in the same places. They say in Central America, notable people exhibited such balls in front of houses, showing their status.

The first researches began in 1943. However, to this day archaeologists and geologists from around the world can’t determine the origin of these balls. Archaeologist Doris Zemurray Stone believed that the spheres of Costa Rica could serve as a sort cult sculptures or be some special kind of a calendar. In the 50s of the 20th century during the archaeological excavations in the south of Costa Rica, scientists have found stone spheres, lots of pottery and other artifacts of pre-Columbian America. Many scientists argue that the emergence of these balls is quite understandable. Balls is the magma that rises into the air from an erupting volcano, it falls on the valley covered with hot ash. The magma cools down and becomes solid.

However, the fact that the granodiorite is not found in the place where The Balls were found (in the territory of Costa Rica from the north (Valley Estrella) to the south (river Coto Colorado)), and this rock can be found only 50 kilometers away in the mountains of Talamanca, makes the version that these spheres are man-made, most probable. But this version generates a lot questions. Sculptures have a perfectly round shape, with ideal accuracy, it is 0.5 inches ± 0,2%. How primitive people could carve such figures using primitive stone tools and move them – is a real mystery. Among a plurality of theories, there is another curious version. Allegedly, these spheres served as peculiar ancient antennas and were the creation of some ancient highly developed civilization.

Stone spheres of Costa Rica

Stone spheres of Costa Rica4

Stone spheres of Costa Rica2

Stone spheres of Costa Rica1

balls of gods

Stone spheres

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