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Svartifoss waterfall. Iceland

Waterfall Svartifoss is one of the main attractions of the Skaftafell National Park, which is located in Iceland and is the second largest in the country. It covers an area of about 4807 km². The park is located 330 km east of Reykjavik. It is called the pearl of Iceland! This is an oasis area situated between glaciers and sand. It has its own unique nature and microclimate.

The name “Svartifoss” can be translated from Icelandic as dark or black fall. This can be explained by the fact that the waterfall is surrounded by amazing hexagonal basalt columns, similar to those we have mentioned in the Giant’s Causeway or the Fingal’s Cave. Such unusual rock formations were formed from black lava. The lava flow cooled down at a slow pace, forming such crystallization. Hard to believe that these smooth minted columns were created by nature!

This is not a very high waterfall, just 12 meters, but the ranks of these black pillars give it a really majestic appearance. Waterfall constantly grind down the basalt boulders at the top, where water pressure is especially strong, thanks to this the columns have a pointy shape. The pointed stones at the foot of the waterfall were also the huge pillars once, and also were whittled away by water.

This is a very popular place among tourists as the waterfall itself is considered to be the most epic and mystical waterfall in Iceland. However, it is quite difficult to get to it. You have to go through a two-kilometer trail up the hill, but you will definitely enjoy the result – gorgeous views, beautiful scenery and of course fresh air. There are special tours, including geological. It is recommended to visit these neighborhoods in the period from mid-June – the end of August.

Not just usual tourists and nature lovers seek to get to this place, but especially such creative people like painters, sculptors and architects. Many Icelandic architects were inspired by these unusual basalt columns. This natural wonder influenced the creation of great masterpieces of classical architecture. We can highlight the most notable works, such as the Church of Hallgrimur and the National Theatre in Reykjavik.




Svartifoss waterfall


Svartifoss waterfall.Feel the Planet

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