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Sydney – heart of Australia

Sydney is an amazing combination of ultra-modern skyscrapers of business center with ancient “Mediterranean” buildings, the resort beaches and picturesque parks.



Bondi Beach and Manly Beach are the most famous beaches in Australia, their golden sand and fantastic waves attract many tourists and surfers. The word “Bondi” means “the water breaking on the rocks”, there is also a second translation and it sounds like “the sound of water crashing on the rocks.” Here were held the competitions on Beach Volley during the Olympic Games of 2000. In 2008 the beach was included in the list of objects of national heritage of Australia. Manly Beach is located 30 minutes from the famous Sydney Opera House. It is a wide strip of pure sand, a gently sloping entry into the turquoise waters of the Tasmanian Sea.


Harbour Bridge, the largest bridge in Sydney, was inaugurated in 1932, March 19. Its length is 503 meters, height – 134 meters. All this make it the largest metal arch in the world. The bridge connects the central business district with the north shore, crossing the Gulf of Port Jackson. Because of the characteristic shape the locals jokingly call their bridge “hanger.”

Harbour bridge


Hyde Park is a huge park, lying on the east side of the central business district of Sydney on an area of 16 hectares. It has got its name in honor of the famous namesake in London.

It is famous for its delightful alleys, original monuments, installations and sculptures. In the northern part of Hyde Park there is a Garden Nagoya, where you will see huge chessmen. The War Memorial of Australian and New Zealand Army Corps is situated in the southern part of the park. At the entrance to the park from the south-east side there is a monument – a 104-mm cannon with the German cruiser “Emden”.


Walking through the Hyde Park in Sydney, you will definitely pay attention to the Archibald Fountain. It is a masterpiece of landscape art and a favorite place of interest for locals and tourists. This fountain was named after John Archibald, who was a well-known journalist and political activist in Australia.

The mirror labyrinth is a great way to have fun and unforgettable impressions. The labyrinth includes 81 columns; each of them is equipped with mirrors from all the sides. In this case you face with 423 mirror facets. The labyrinth was called «Field», because all the green stuff that is around – blooming trees, green grass, blue sky – are repeatedly reflected, and you can’t understand at once whether it is reality or not in front of you.


But the most attractive place is the Sydney Opera House, which is located in the heart of the city. October 20, 1973 the Queen of England Elizabeth II has inaugurated the Sydney Opera House. Its construction lasted for 14 years. Now it is a huge theater complex and the most favorite tourist destination. It includes about a dozen of halls of different sizes and for various purposes. They are a concert hall, the opera hall, drama theater, the theater of drama and comedy, drama studio and a few small halls. One of them is situated in the open air on the inside of the complex. Here you will also find restaurants, bars and souvenir shops.



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