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The Berry Head Arch. Canada

One of the most spectacular natural arches is located in Canada, in the province of Newfoundland and is called Berry Head. This monolithic arch is a massive bridge of craggy and sedimentary rocks which connects the two banks.

The height of the arch is 18 meters above sea level, and the length – 40 meters. The thickness of the arch monolith reaches more than 10 meters. Through the almost circular “window” formed by pyramidal rocky ledges, you can see the blue sea.

In nature, there are many similar arches, but Berry Head impresses with its size. It complements the beautiful seascape. It is so big that there are numerous trees growing on its slopes. The layer of soil where the pretty high spruces grow seems very thin compared to an enormous array of the rocky arch. In fact, it allowed a small forest to take root here. The entire colonies of rare seabirds nest on the coastal arch surfaces such as guillemots and razorbills. It is also a major transit point for migratory birds.

Gray-black stone, blue sea and the lush green of the trees make beautiful contrasting scenery. Even the seasoned travelers seek to come here and see the arch with their own eyes. Berry Head is one of the main attractions of Canada and many travel agencies organize special walks to it.

To get here, you should take the train from the station of Port Kirwan. Then you have to walk several kilometers on foot through the mountain trail East Coast, which is part of the route Spurwink. This path is considered as difficult with several dangerous areas. But all these efforts are worth it to see the amazing views from the top of the Berry Head Arch!

Arch Canada

Arch Berry Head, Newfoundland, Canada

Berry Head Arch

Berry Head Arch1


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