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The best gift for Athens

Athens is a city of legends and myths, a real treasure of the ancient world. There is a legend which says that the king Kekrop ruled in Athens in ancient times. He was a wise son of the goddess Gaia and was half man, half snake. Once, he had to choose a patron for his city and inhabitants.

For the settlement of the dispute Olympian gods offered the rivals to make a gift for the city. And the king said – “The patron will be the one who will bring the city the most useful and the best gift!”

Poseidon – a mighty brother of Zeus – appeared at the same moment. He struck the rock with his trident and a huge fountain soared into the sky on the spot of impact. It was a symbol of the sea power of the city, which was given him by the God of the Sea. But the water in it was marine. People decided that salty sea water was everywhere, and hardly could have any benefits for the city.

Then warlike and brave Pallas Athena appeared. She made a lance thrust and gave people a wonderful olive tree. This gift was considered more valuable. King Kekrop and his people cheered and confessed the wise Athena the patroness of the city.

Athenа Poseidon

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