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The columns of Crowley Lake. California, USA

These amazing formations in the shape of helical columns were found on the shores of Crowley Lake, California, USA. It was in 1941, after construction of the reservoir in the upper flow of the Owens River. Strange formations in the shape of pillars were spotted along the eastern shore of the reservoir. These stone columns with height of up to 6 meters and connected by arches look like masterpieces of ancient Greek architecture.

Until 2015, this place wasn’t exposed to any researches, which means, these columns are of natural origin. Covered with soft rocks for millions of years they were hidden. Mankind has learned about them only because of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power. During the works on creation of the reservoir these unusual formations came out of the water, and became available to scholars, so geologists from the University of California, Berkeley, decided to conduct a serious exploration.

Various methods and modern equipment, including X-ray analysis and electron microscopy, gave the opportunity to geologists to determine the approximate age of the pillars. It was established that they were formed by the melting snow, when the cold water, percolated down through the hot volcanic ash, formed as a result of the catastrophic explosion 760,000 years ago. Omitting the details, the scientists say that the water has created columns like convection heat pipes. They allegedly tied the minerals together to resist the corrosive forces of the waves of the lake.

About 5,000 similar pillars are located here, on the area of 4000 hectares. They are divided into groups, different in shape, size and color. As silent statues of the stone castles, these pillars seem very mysterious, and it is difficult to accept the fact that these labyrinths of screw columns were created not by man.

crowley lake1

The columns of Crowley Lake

crowley lake

crowley lake2

columns of Crowley Lake


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