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The Dark Hedges. Ireland

Dark Hedges – a popular natural attraction in Ireland, known far beyond its boundaries. To be more precise, these trees grow near the village of Armoy in the County of Antrim, Northern Ireland. This place is known as one of the most mystical and mysterious wonders of nature; it is shrouded in legends and stories of incredible encounters in its depth.

In different seasons and different times of the day this forest seems to be completely different. In sunlight, in fog or in the evening twilight “Dark Hedges” causes an indelible impression. Photographers from around the world come here for the sake of a successful, fabulous snapshot.

The alley appeared here, on the roadside of the Brigade Road, in the 18th century through the efforts of the family of Stuart, who lived in this area. Then, nothing presaged that the trees could just weave together in this manner. Now, the trees form a tunnel. They say it possesses mystical powers.

Local residents like to tell a legend about this place. They do it with such excitement and sinking heart that the blood run cold. This is a story about the spirit of a strange woman who was often seen hovering in a tunnel or close to it. During Halloween she is surrounded by the souls of dead people. This ghost was named the Grey Lady. It is believed that it is the ghost of a maid, stolen from the house of Stuart. Rumor has it that she died under mysterious circumstances. Night walks of the ghostly creature along the Dark Hedges add strange and frightening fame to this place. But the place itself leads to such thoughts. In the afternoon, when the sun’s rays make their way through the branches, the alley doesn’t cause dark thoughts, but at twilight, you perceive it already in different way. And then, the dark tunnel fully justifies its name.

I want to say to fans of the series “Game of Thrones” that some scenes were filmed right here in the Dark Hedges.

Thousands of people come here to see their own eyes on the creepy beauty of the incredible beech alley or test their nerves on the strength and walk here after dark.

Dark Hedges. Ireland



Dark Hedges

Dark Alley.Ireland

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