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The Eden Project. UK

In Cornwall, the UK, you can find such a unique Botanic Garden called “The Eden Project”. The garden is a greenhouse, consisting of several geodesic domes that create ideal conditions for each of the species according to their natural climatic zones. Here are plants from all over the world! This fantastic place attracts crowds of tourists.

This unusual garden exists since 2001, but has already received rather wide popularity – it started to operate in full March 17. Earlier, it was an ordinary quarry for the extraction of copper, tin and china clay. When the reserves were depleted, this place was left abandoned for as much as 160 years. Music producer and entrepreneur Tim Smith noticed this site and created such an amazing garden.

The Eden Project has a distinctive feature – domes-biomes. Skeleton of the geodesic domes was built from steel pipes which form the hexagonal frames with outer paneling. The idea of creating such geodesic domes came at the moment when nature itself rebelled against the interference. The matter is that long-term heavy rains loosened the soil – it decelerated the construction or even made it impossible. The efforts of architects and builders made it possible to obtain a completely clean and environmentally friendly space. These huge bubbles allow creating special climatic zones. The largest biome takes you into a real tropical forest. There are also those which may gladden by the Mediterranean climate and blooming olive trees. There are also fruit-bananas, coffee trees, rubber trees and a giant bamboo. If the intense heat makes you feel bad and uncomfortable, you can find here special place where the climate is different – equipped cabins of “first aid” where you can take rest.

This is truly a paradise and it needs constant care. All of this is an immense labor of architects and botanists. In addition, singular computer technology constantly monitors the self-regulation of temperature, humidity and air quality.

Everything here speaks of the unity of man and nature and its importance – attractions, sculptures and installations made of old electrical appliances – an enormous bee and a robot. Here on the territory, you will find an information center, shops, cafes, concert hall and an ice center. You can walk along the winding paths, enjoy a variety of aromas and murmuring of streams – just feel the nature of Cornwall.



The eden project

Eden Project inside



Eden-Project-Flowers-Tourist Attractions



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