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The Garden of Cosmic Speculation. Scotland

The Garden of Cosmic Speculation holds the first place among the most extraordinary gardens in the world. It was created by the American landscape architect Charles Alexander Jencks in 1989 in the town of Dumfries in Scotland.

His wife Maggie Keswick, specialist on gardens of Japan and China, received Manor Portrack House as an inheritance in 1988. Together, they decided to build a miniature of the entire universe – to combine botany with mathematics, astronomy, geometry, physics, chemistry, and embody these ideas in landscape design. The garden is dedicated to the process of the birth of the universe and its development, the place of man in this boundless space and the role of science.

The park includes amazing sculptures, representing steel helices of the DNA, the Fibonacci sequence of numbers, star clusters, fractals and black holes. The author shows that the universe itself is encoded in spirals; it is its symbol, as a reflection of both order and chaos. This fabulous garden was conceived as a place of comprehension of nature and life, full of philosophy and depth, which shows the diversity of our world. Stairs is the embodiment of evolution by which the whole universe is moving.

This is an area of 16.2 hectares. You will find here elegant artificial lakes, beautiful arches, symmetrical architectural forms and absolutely incredible sculptures. Everyone understands them differently, because the garden serves as exactly for this purpose, to get lost in thoughts about life.

Unfortunately, this garden is opened only one day a year, and no one knows in advance which day it will happen. The entrance to the garden is chargeable. All proceeds are intended for charity fund of care for oncological patients named after Maggie Keswick. She died in 1995, but this cosmic park continues to develop and introduce new elements into its landscapes.

Michael Gandolfi was so inspired by the garden that has created a wonderful symphonic composition for the Boston Symphony Orchestra and the Tanglewood Music Center. In 2009 it was even nominated for “Best Contemporary Classical Composition” at the Grammy Awards.



The Garden of Cosmic Speculation1

Cosmos-Inspired Garden of Speculation

Garden of Speculation

Cosmos-Inspired Garden of Speculation2

Garden of Cosmic Speculation

Cosmic Speculation

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  • James Hagerty

    This garden looks amazing. I would really like to visit, but how do I find out which day the garden will be open?

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