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The Ice Caves of Apostle Islands. USA

Favorite winter holidays are in full swing, so let’s talk about a winter natural miracle – about so cold, but amazing place on the earth. Imagine that every winter thousands of tourists and photographers rush here – to the Apostle Islands on the Lake Superior, in order to see incredibly beautiful views of the frozen caves!

This phenomenon is quite rare, so the tourists visit these places every day to catch the icy landscapes, and photographers make truly unique photos. And they are not afraid to take pictures of the enormous icicles hanging from the vaults of the caves. During severe frosts, these caves are particularly fabulous and resemble the palace of the Snow Queen. Those who wish to see the caves with their own eyes need to overcome approximately half a kilometer across the ice off the coast of Lake Superior in Cornucopia, Wisconsin, to the Apostle Islands. At the northern edge of Bayfield County, Meyers Beach you will have an opportunity to witness the lake’s miracles. Try to get here rather early to find a place in the parking lot (along Meyers Road and one side of Highway 13).

Centuries of wave action, freezing and thawing, have sculpted the coastlines of the islands of Lake National Nature Reserve. Before freezing, the waves wash the cliffs of rocky islands covering them with ice coat. Frozen waterfalls inside the caves, breaking and crumbling in different places, form fantastic ice arches, where the icicles hang from the ceiling like the garlands. It is necessary to keep the thickness of the ice cover under control to ensure a complete safety for the tourists. Rather changeable weather, the wind and the waves often make the ice unstable, but the number of those wishing to see the ice caves is not getting smaller.

The beauty of the caves is unique and is constantly changing, which means that the scenery will always be different, and will never cease to amaze. Nature always creates a new landscape of ice formations, so if you visit the ice caves every year, you will never remain indifferent or frustrated, every trip will present you new and exciting surprises.

Part of the most spectacular scenery of the Great Lakes is located in a place where the waves interact with sandstone of the Devils Island, forming extensive sea caves. Thin arches, vaulted chambers and freaked passages in the cliffs on the north coast of the Devils Island, on the Sand Island and along the mainland near the western boundary of Lakeshore are worth it to come here.

Before coming here, you should be completely prepared. Wear sturdy waterproof boots in order to prevent slipping on the ice. It is recommended to take a ski pole as well as to wear ice cleats on the boots. Of course, you should wear warm clothes, because of the low temperatures. Beware of falling stones and ice around the rocks and caves, do not stand under the icicles when the temperature drops. Do not risk if the ice conditions are unsustainable. Avoid cracks in the ice, even on the coldest days. You may call the Apostle Islands Ice Hotline at 715-779-3397 Ext. 3 and know the current ice conditions.

The Ice Caves of Apostle Islands. USA

The Ice Caves of Apostle Islands. USA

Ice Caves of Apostle Islands Ice Caves of Apostle Islands

Ice Caves of Apostle Islands

Ice Caves of Apostle Islands

the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore of Lake Superior

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