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The Infinite Bridge. Denmark

If you like long walks when you can wander and think about something not looking under feet, you’ll love this place. This round bridge will provide you a continuous walk along the river – it is absolutely infinite! You won’t find here such a standard and, in general, the logical destination of such a construction as a bridge – to unite the opposite banks of river or ravine. You can walk for hours without getting anywhere.

This “Infinite Bridge” was designed by the architectural studio Gjøde & Povlsgaard Arkitekter in Aarhus, Denmark. This unusual “art object” was built for the international festival Sculpture by the Sea 2015. In fact, this biennial is the “biggest and most unique outdoor sculpture exhibition” in the country.

The construction is located at a height of about one meter above the water level of the Bay of Aarhus of the Jutland peninsula. The construction made of wooden slats is a circle with a diameter of 60 meters. Length of the circumference of the bridge is 182 meters. The bridge consists of 60 large pieces. Each section has a length of 3.15 m, a width of 2.4 m and weighs about 250 kg each. Half of the endless bridge lies on the shore, half in the shallow waters of the river Thors Møllebæk. Thus, the bridge helps to restore the once-existing relationship between the bay and the coast.

Formerly, there was a steamboat port here which was very popular among the locals. Therefore, it was decided to use this place. And today, people love to come here and enjoy the panorama of the city, walking along the bridge. You don’t have to worry about the purpose of your way, because the bridge doesn’t have sharp turns and acute angles, it never ends! Reviewing the vicinity of the city and the bay, you can easily get lost in time. Isn’t it the best place to immerse into your thoughts?

Partner and co-founder of Gjøde & Povlsgaard Arkitekter, Johan Gjøde, says they “created a sculpture that is all about experiencing the surroundings and becoming aware of the relation between the city and the magnificent landscape of the bay. Walking on the bridge you experience the changing landscape as an endless panoramic composition and at the same time you enter a space of social interaction with other people experiencing the same panorama.”

Despite the lack of visible functionality, the bridge attracts people’s attention.


Infinite Bridge



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