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The Irish Sky Garden Crater

The Irish Sky Garden Crater

It’s quite a strange thing at first glance, although at the second too. A giant in scale landscape composition Irish Sky Garden Crater was created by a renowned American artist James Turrell. Yes, this is an artificial landmark, however, it mightily attracts the eye!

James Turrell is one of those artists who refer to the a pleiad of the Californian conceptualists, who in the late 1960s have declared that an object as a piece of art was a passed stage. They began to develop space projects based on the optical effects. They were interested, first of all, in the phenomenon of the direct or the flowing in time visual perception, feelings of pure sensory experience and instant discovery through the monitoring process, as well as a mechanical search of the facet where the reality differs from the visibility.

The Irish Sky Garden is one of a conceptual series of installations created on the principle of “open sky” called Skyspaces. This unique minimalistic garden is located in the Irish county of Cork. It is a kind of natural observatory, and anyone can become a visitor. However, the artist’s concept implies privacy, surveillance and meditative immersion.

The essence of the installation is as follows: the visitors get inside through the black tunnel, going towards the bright light which symbolizes birth and this should give the spectators a charge of optimism. It is a crater with depth of 13 meters. When you enter, on the bottom of the crater you will see a stone in the center, and so you can and you actually should lie on the stone and watch the horizon – admire and enjoy the “celestial vault”. According to the author, the walls of the crater overlap your peripheral vision, and thus it emphasizes the “infinity and variability of the sky.”

James Turrell likes to surprise his viewers by the manipulation of light, because it is his main tool and material. Not in vain he is considered to be the greatest American Land Art Artist. The master has turned the crater into a massive naked – eye observatory, and in fact, has made the studio from the sky. His genius lies in the fact that he makes us see beauty in the simplicity of the idea and the complexity of the construction at the same time. Every element has been carefully designed to seem natural, but I repeat, not a one element was left to chance – everything was done by human hands. Such attention to details shows that each item was performed due to the large labor and experience of the author. Against the background of soft green grass and the evenly clipped top edge of the crater, you can see only the Irish sky. It is a guarantee that you will enjoy the noontime or the nocturnal sky without the slightest interference.

It is assumed that a very small group of people is expected to attend the Irish Sky Garden Crater, and ideally it should be just two people. The stone plinth in the center, the “Vault Purchase”, according to the idea of James Turrell, was intended for two people. It would be romantic to come here on a date, don’t you think so?The Irish Sky Garden Crater

The Irish Sky Garden Crater


irish-sky-garden-crater-2 the-irish-sky-garden-crater

The Irish Sky Garden Crater


  • Jack Leonel

    Oh dear, it looks like a coffin! Although probably it is not a bad thing to lie down there. A strange idea, but interesting.

  • Liam O Brien

    “It wasn’t the cough that carried him off . It was a coffin they carried him off in “. Artistically very strange indeed .

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