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The lavender fields of Provence

Provence is one of the most romantic places in France and one of the most picturesque landscapes in the world. Endless lavender fields fill the air with fragrance and give this place a special charm. Exciting aroma of the violet flowers spreads for many kilometers around. The huge territory of Provence is planted with these amazingly beautiful flowers – fields, valleys, hills and plains are blooming with colorful hues for hundreds of square kilometers. The fields of lavender cultivation are located mainly in three regions of northern Provence – in the Alpes de Haute Provence (the largest plantation), Drome Provencale and Vaucluse.

Lavender is considered to be a sacred plant, it is widely used in perfumery, aromatic oils and incenses are also made of it. Can you imagine what the flavors are soaring here, especially during the active flowering? The time of lavender flowering – from the end of June to August. At that time many tourists flock here, and there are even special routes, which are routed through the lavender fields for them.

Flower farm houses and scenic villages which are mainly in the north of the province,  are also included into the route. Artists and photographers are particularly fond of these picturesque places but any man in the street will appreciate these blooming fields. Here you will also find mysterious and beautiful abbeys and synagogues in the Valley Park naturel du Luberon.

The largest valley in the Alpes de Haute Provence is Valensole plantation – a huge field of lavender which covers the ground just like a purple fluffy carpet. From the main town of the valley of the same name you can go to the village of Digne-les-Bains and see the stunning local scenery. Next it would be a good idea to visit Kustelle town and visit the museum of lavender. In August, it is allowed to see the old distillation apparatus and the process of distillation. When the plants are crushed to obtain essential oil, there is incredible smell in the air! Also you will be able to buy some of the variety of cosmetic products with lavender.

The official capital city of lavender is Sol city, in the department of Vaucluse, and every year on August 15 there is a great holiday which marks the end of the season of lavender collection.






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