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The most dangerous hiking trail. China

Continuing the theme of extreme amusements, I want to mention the most dangerous trail in the world. It is located on Hua Shan, the sacred mount of five main peaks, which is near the city of Xi’an in Shaanxi Province, China.

A lot of exciting hiking trails are waiting for you on the path to each of the five peaks of Hua Shan – Southern, Northern, Western, Eastern and Central. The highest peak of the mountain is the South Peak which accounts 2,154.9 metres. You can choose funicular railway, liftings on the cable car or ascents on foot. All of these trails require a fair amount of physical fitness and health. The transition from the Northern top of the Huashan to the Southern is capable to bring fainting to the most impressionable tourists.

There are cases when taking the first step people become literally paralyzed in horror! They can’t move by their cramped fingers and budge. The bottomless abyss beneath their feet explains such a reaction. The trail has no railings and fencing. Fall from the narrow boards into a bottomless abyss means certain death. They say that about 100 people a year fall from these trails. However, this doesn’t stop the tourists and the flow of people is not reduced.

For this “deadly” walk you will wear a belt with a carabine and rope on it. So, you will be able to cling to the lifeline stretched along the entire route. You can use the massive chains screwed into the walls of the mountain to keep your balance. By the way, quite recently there were no chains here and tourists walked just on the planks. The most famous part of the path is called “Green Dragon Ridge”. It is a segment with abysses on both sides of the stairs. It is worth to note that this is not a one-way route, and the road both ways! But they say that the descent is easier. On top of the mountain you will see an abundance of shiny locks and red ribbons, left here by the loving couples.

If you want to test your nerves or maybe show your courage, come to the trail of death! Panic fear covers you only in the beginning. Then the delightful euphoria comes that you didn’t give up, managed and won.

trail of death

dangerous hiking trail. China



The most dangerous hiking trail. China

The most dangerous hiking trail

dangerous hiking trail

dangerous trail

dangerous trail in china

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