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The mountain ridge Hornocal. Argentina

In the northwest of Argentina, you can find an amazingly beautiful place – the mountain valley of the Quebrada de Humahuaca. It is in the province of an interesting name Jujuy (1,649 north of Buenos Aires), which is known as a frequent destination for tourists’ visits. Here are Hill of Seven Colors and Painter’s Palette which mainly attract people from all over the world.

But the ridge Hornocal is often unfairly pushed back to the background, and is not even included into the proposed tourist itineraries. They are known here as “Serranias del Hornocal” and are located just 25 km from Humahuaca. You can reach this remarkable place by car on a well-graded unpaved road. It is located at an altitude of 4300 meters. Although the road is considered to be quite dangerous, there is no normal fencing, a bad visibility and sharp turns, thus it is impassable for buses. So you should be very careful, especially because the Argentines are known for their aggressive style of driving.

The mountain ridge Hornocal begins in Peru and stretches through the entire Bolivia, ending in the north of Argentina. The height of the mountains is nearly five thousand meters. These rocks look like layers of a sponge cake with filling of different color. Such a riot of colors was formed due to the limestones; more precisely, these mountains – part of lime deposits came out on the surface. Wavelike Hornocal tops form the letter “V” on each wave – it looks amazing by virtue of the color transitions.

These mountains are striking in their size and color gamut! This place is unique and very unusual. Huge round cactuses bloom on the slopes of the ridge. It may be snowing here, despite the fact that it’s summer due to the calendar.

The mountain ridge Hornocal. Argentina



The mountain ridge Hornocal


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