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The Pinnacles. Australia

Western Australia – the largest state of the country. Covering a third of the continent, the state has a lot of natural objects that may surprise you and cause great interest. It is safe to say that Pinnacles Desert is a worthy example. This small desert is an important highlight of the Nambung National Park. It is located 19 km from the provincial town of Cervantes, 245 km north of Perth, 6 kilometers from the coastline.

The Pinnacles Desert is an accumulation of limestone formations. These lonely pillars look especially magically under the sky full of millions of stars! The desert looks also beautiful on a sunny day – it seems that everything is made of gold, and even the sharp stones with a height up to 5 meters are of bright yellow color. Therefore, the desert has such a name as Pinnacles.

At sunrise and late afternoon, when the sun goes below the horizon, the stones leave unusual shadows on the sand. They all have different bizarre shape and size as the children’s building kit scattered in a sandbox. Sunlit, they show a particular play of shadows, which is really worth seeing with your own eyes. Watching the stones, you are immersed into a fabulous atmosphere, and it seems as if you are part of the mosaic laid out by mother-nature.

There is no proved version on how did the desert arise. Most often, it is explained in this way. Millions of years ago there was an ocean on this place. During the glacial era, level of the ocean rose to 150 meters above the current level, having flooded the coastal area. 80 thousand years ago, the water receded and enriched the soil with coquina, sea salt and different microorganisms. When the trees have grown in the fertile soil, their roots destroyed stones under ground, softening the limestone. Water has contributed to the process of destruction, washing out the lime. Then there was a fire in the forest, and the trees were burned. Or the water receded even further, the climate became drier, and self-ignition began. Burned ground was taken away by the ocean wind, and quartz sand from the nearby beaches has come in its place. Thus, the space between the roots of trees, where there was no ground, remained, because the sandy rock does not ignite. In short, it was a fairly complex and lengthy process.

Early or late visit to the park is also a good reason to see the local fauna – emus and kangaroos in the wild. Other animals of the desert are nocturnal representatives. You can get here from the nearest town of Cervantes. It takes about half an hour. At the entrance to the Pinnacles, after paying for the visit, you will be given a small map with car and pedestrian routes. Length of the road is 4 km, the walking route amounts just 1.5 km away.

The Pinnacles is open for visitors at any time of year, but it is recommended to come here between August and October. At this time, you will see beautiful wild flowers in their flowering period, and the weather is not too hot. More than 250 thousands of travelers come here every year.

The Pinnacles. Australia







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