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The Wave

This beautiful phenomenon is a sandstone rock formation which is located on the border of Arizona and Utah states (USA) on the slopes of the Coyote Buttes, Colorado Plateau. World knows it as “The Wave”, a favorite place of great amounts of tourists and photographers. This natural gallery is not very far from the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona, and Zion National Park in Utah, and is not inferior to them in popularity.

Such rock formations were formed over millions of years of sand dunes under the influence of rain, temperature and wind. These dunes were composed of different layers of sand. Various oxide content of iron, magnesium and manganese gave sand such a bizarre color. And through 250 million years we see the stone version of these sand mounds.

You can get here only by foot; the roads aren’t paved in this place for reasons of preservation of the natural landscape. In addition, it is required a special permit which costs $ 7, but it’s not easy to get it. If you want to visit this unusual place, the trips should be planned beforehand in a few months. You can also try your luck, and participate in a lottery of tickets on the Internet. It is a unique object of attention for lots of people, and it is frequently hard even for the professional photographers to get here. The fact is that the tops of the small waves inside the gallery are very fragile. The tours are limited to the number of tourists to 20 people a day. Thus, despite of the age of solidified sand dunes, they can be destroyed by just mere curiosity.

Among the smooth stones and multi-colored mountains, you can still see sand and even some kind of flora. Whimsical drawing on the rocks, the alien atmosphere of the surroundings, picturesque scenery – it’s all here.

Nothing was known about this place until 1995. In 2005-2006, there was composed a whole set of restrictions on visits of this area. “20 permits per day” is one of them. Nowadays, this unique object, a frozen Wave of Arizona, is on the top of the list of 10 geological wonders of the world!

The Wave, Coyote Buttes, Arizona


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