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The White Cliffs of Iturup. Russia

Our planet is incredibly beautiful – from the Yellowstone Park in the United States to the Marble Canyon Ruskeala in Russia. Life is too short to explore all the wonderful corners of the Earth. Let’s at least try to learn more about them!

Let me introduce you – Iturup Island – the island of the southern group of Greater Kuril Ridge, the largest island of the archipelago, Russia. Although, it is controlled by Russia, but also claimed by Japan. It stretches from the south – west to north – east for about 200 km, its width varies from 7 to 27 km. Area of the island is about 6725 square kilometers.

Iturup is an amazing place and very interesting, and mainly due to the White Cliffs of the Okhotsk Coast. Among the natural monuments of the Kuril Islands and the entire Sakhalin region, White Cliffs occupy their place of honor and are considered to be the most notable. The unique volcanic formations, originated from very light and soft pumice, are located in the northern part of the island of Iturup, about 20 kilometers from the village Reidovo, towards the Wind isthmus.

Almost “snow white” cliffs, covered with emerald carpet of greenery, stretch for 28 kilometers along the coast, just a kilometer from the sea. They constitute fantastic wavy ridges, jagged by canyons. The local sandy beach is surprisingly deserted. Sand of the coastal strip is mingled: white quartz and black titanium-magnetite. Together they create a dark gray color, which on the background of the white “walls” looks very stylish.

Here you will find admirable things. You can reach the Sailing River and enjoy the stone grotto, washouts of frozen lava entering the sea and a wonderful waterfall “Maiden’s Tears”. Wind isthmus is a flat area where beautiful views of the Sea of Okhotsk and the ocean are opened on both sides of the island. The width of this piece of land is only 7 km. However, it is really very windy here, so you should dress warmer.

Iturup. Russia

The White Cliffs of Iturup. Russia

The White Cliffs of Iturup. Russia1

The White Cliffs of Iturup

The White Cliffs of Iturup. Russia2

The White Cliffs of Iturup. Russia3

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